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Kingridge Kennels

Peters Township, PA 15317

Kingridge Kennels English Labrador Retrievers

Intelligent ~ Calm ~ Beautiful

Neurologically Stimulated, Lovingly Socialized & Trained

Puppy Stimulation

Stimulation is what causes humans and animals to learn how to process a response to a situation. The accumulation of responses to stimuli leads to neurological development and the acquisition of intelligence. It is no different in the Labrador Retriever.

As a breeder we introduce our puppies to systematic stimuli during their precious first few weeks of life in order to sharpen their responses. Each of the puppies in the litter is taken through this process of stimulation used in the BioSensor Approach twice each day from day of life 3 to 16.

A record is kept for each puppy detailing their response to the stimuli. When a puppy leaves us here in Pittsburgh and goes on to his or her new home we include all of these assessments from the start of their life along with our Puppy Package.

Early stimulation helps to create an impeccable Labrador. The first weeks of life can never be repeated and the positive developments that result from a rich early environment can be reaped throughout the dog's entire life. Intelligent, curious, companions are the result of our early training here at Kingridge Kennels and BioSensor Therapy is just one component in our comprehensive approach.

1. Tactile Stimulation

While embracing the Labrador Retriever puppy in one hand, the pup is gently stimulated between the toes on any foot using a cotton swab. The stimulation lasts for 3 to 5 seconds. It is not important that the puppy react in a visible manner, rather the sensation triggers brain reaction to the stimuli. We repeat this process twice a day.

2. Positional Puppy Holds

Head held erect- The puppy is held perpendicular to the ground, so that its head is directly above its tail as if standing.

Head pointed down- The little Lab puppy is reversed and is pointed downward so that the head is pointed towards the ground.

Supine position- Lastly the Labrador is held so that its back is resting in the palm of both hands with its face looking toward the ceiling. The puppy is allowed to struggle for just a few seconds while being held firmly but gently in this position.

3. Thermal Stimulation

The Labrador Retriever puppy is placed on a cool towel that has been chilled in the refrigerator. The position of the puppy is belly and paws down, so that they rest gently on the towel. The Lab puppy is allowed to move about on the cold stimulus and experience the sensation of the different temperature on his or her skin for no more than 5 seconds. After this is finished the puppy is placed quickly back into his pen with his mother and litter mates. 

Give thanks to the the Lord, for He is good.

Psalm 118:1