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Kingridge Kennels

Peters Township, PA 15317

Kingridge Kennels English Labrador Retrievers

Intelligent ~ Calm ~ Beautiful

Neurologically Stimulated, Lovingly Socialized & Trained

Top 10 Products we Love ( ... and I Mean LOVE)

We are extremely selective about the products that we use while whelping and training a litter of our precious English Labradors. The items listed on this page are what we have determined to be beneficial in the life of our Labs. Some are good for their physical body while others are good for their owner's mental well-being. This is our list of top products that we use and adore! Along with the love, energy, and positive reinforcement we devote to our puppies, we feel that these items aid in the emotional, physical, and psychological health of each puppy that we train! We hope these products help you as you seek to raise your new puppy or an old furry faithful companion.

The pictures below will take you to the product's website. We LOVE these items, so for all of you who have asked - they are.

1. Dog Food... Back to Basics & Sojos

These are the dog and puppy foods that we use on a daily basis and we love them all! The homemade dog food is made from fresh meats and vegetables with NO artificial preservatives. It is freeze-dried and very easy to use. We mix an equal amount of water with the bagged food and allow it to sit overnight in the refrigerator. This will produce enough food to supplement into the adult dog's diet for 3 days. Some people choose to use this homemade dog food exclusively, but we have great success mixing it into our dry kibble to make a combination. Since Labs are muscular dogs, we use Sojos, which is low in fat, along with Taste of the Wild, High Prairie Canine Formula Roasted Bison & Venison Dry Dog Food (which we also LOVE!) Our dogs absolutely adore this quality food medley. Kingridge Labrador puppies are now accustomed to eating Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula Roasted Bison & Venison Dry Dog Food. We believe that these foods represent the absolute best when it comes to canine nutrition, and we have had wonderful experiences using them in the lives of our Labradors.

2. Potty Park House Training

This is an essential product that Kingridge Kennel puppies use in the house training process. Our early potty training begins when the puppies are only 3 weeks old as they learn to eliminate away from their sleeping area. Then, as the pups grow, we gradually move the location of the potty until they are going exclusively outside or on the potty park. This American made product is crafted by Eco Pet Solutions and is used in the White House. It is a wonderful antimicrobial puppy potty that has a warranty which is the longest in the industry. It also makes our clean-up much easier. The grass comes off and can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer. This system is excellent for families, who on occasion, are unable to be home with their puppy for extended periods of time. Since we use this training aid during the pups' early months, it is very natural for them to adjust their bathroom behavior and use the Potty Park in their new home. This is especially beneficial if the new owners choose to utilize this training aid.

3. Vetplex Canine Metabolizer...

This vitamin supplement is absolutely amazing! There is no pressure to use this with your Labrador; only our suggestion. We just can't say enough about the benefits of this powder vitamin supplement. We use this daily for our dogs, and send each new family home with a sample. There is nothing else like it anywhere. We have witnessed the changes it has made in our dog's coat, health, and even temperament. The company is extremely friendly to deal with, and all American. This powder that you mix into the dog's food is recommended by Animal Clinic North View and provides vitamins and minerals that are essential supplements in a well-rounded diet. We believe it is worth every penny.

4. Canine Lullabies...

We use this CD to help calm our puppies and reduce separation anxiety when their mama is away and during crate training. When puppies are introduced to their new homes this CD allows for a smooth transition because of the familiarity of the songs. The music is very and has been proven in studies to decrease barking, whining, and chewing from loneliness. It also is said to curb hyperactivity and help relax an unsettled dog. All of the selections on the CD contain the rhythm of a heartbeat that mimics the sound the puppies are accustomed to when cuddling with their mother. It is one hour long, but it can be used for longer periods by pressing the loop button on the CD player. Surprisingly, music is actually quite good and relaxing for us humans as well.

5. Love Those Dog Books...

The author of this book was the trainer for America's first dog "Bo". She trains the President's dog at the White and has years of experience in positive obedience training. Unlike other well-known trainers that implement corporal punishment as part of their training process, Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz believes in "trust instead of physical force and treats instead of threats". Her book, The Love Dog Training Program, is our launching pad for training the Labrador puppies that we raise here at Kingridge Kennels. Its pages are full of suggestions and activities that will lead to a special bond between you and your new companion. Many of the training activities and logs that we incorporate into our program are found in this informative book. We highly recommend her book in order to continue the training that we have started. Superpuppy (below) is included in the Kingridge Kennel Puppy Package Monks of New Skete also offer many training books that lead to a happy relationship with your new dog. Each picture will take you to Amazon so that you can further review the books to see which one may be the best for your specific situation.

6. Dog Crate...

We feel that a dog crate is an absolutely essential item for any puppy. There are many different types and options to choose from, so we are hesitant to recommend a specific type. We know that the crate you choose for your Labrador's den is unique to your living environment, financial needs, and home decor. Some things to keep in mind when selecting a crate the size, durability, cost, and ease of cleaning. We also recommend a crate that has a divider panel that will adjust with your new puppy as he or she grows. This will save you money in the long run, because you will not have to purchase more than one crate in the dog's lifetime. Please feel free to check out some of the different crate options and contact me if you need further assistance. The link above is to a retailer that has excellent prices, free shipping, and a wonderful selection. In general, crates that are at least 42" x 30" are a good choice for a full-sized Labrador dog.

* For any Kingridge family planning on having a puppy shipped, please contact us to let me

know what model crate you are interested in prior to purchasing.

7. Cards for our Canine Companions...

Celebrate Your New Arrival

Our pets are such a part of our lives, and there are certain milestones in our relationships with our companions that are better when shared with friends. If you want to let everyone know about your new little bundle of fur, consider sending out announcements to let them know the name, birth date, and they became a part of your family. You can upload a family photo with your new puppy in seconds, and add your own personal flair. It is so cool! Plus, it is tons of fun... How often do you get to celebrate the arrival of a new puppy?!!! To create a custom card at Shutterfly or Tiny Prints just click the link below.

Send Your Sorrow & Sympathy for a Furry Friend

Likewise, when someone dear to us experiences the loss of their pet a sympathy card can let them know how much you care. Dayspring is just one example of a store where you can order professionally printed cards for such We have used them for numerous cards, and are thrilled with their quality, value, and Christian message.

8. Game Day Jerseys...

If you are a Lab fan, your Lab can dress as a fan! Labradors are definitely not the kind of designer breed that you purchase so you can dress them up in fancy clothes and carry them in a purse - THANKFULLY! But, even the loyal Labrador can sport something extra for game day! Here in everyone dons their Steeler paraphernalia during football season. Even if you aren't a Steelers fan, you can find your favorite: football, baseball, basketball or hockey team jerseys, leashes, and more by following this link to fun and functional dog supplies. If a Labrador is ever going to wear anything other than a collar, we think a sports jersey seems like a fitting addition. Go Steelers!!!

9. Fortune Cookies & Natural Treats...

OK, so this is purely for fun too! Each of the puppies that leave Kingridge Kennels receives his or her own Fortune Cookie treat in the Kingridge Kennels Puppy Package. We thought the idea was too cute not to include in our list of top 10 pet products. Each cookie has a fortune inside just like a real fortune cookie. How creative and cute :) Not to mention that the cookies are made by Sojourner Farms, so they are made from only the highest quality ingredients. Therefore, these treats are actually good for your dog, and the laugh we get at the silly dog related fortunes makes them good for us humans as well!

10. Adorable Labrador Collectables...

We love the Labrador Retriever themed items from Cafe Press. They have an amazing variety of gifts for Lab lovers... in fact, the most we have ever seen in any one place! Whether you are looking for classical prints like the ones below, T-shirts, totes, pillows, clocks, aprons, ornaments or even Christmas cards featuring Labradors, they can be found at Cafe Press. We are especially fond of the reproduction art prints that include Labradors and have them on the walls throughout our home. They have a huge collection to let the world know that you love your Lab!