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Kingridge Kennels

Peters Township, PA 15317

Kingridge Kennels English Labrador Retrievers

Intelligent ~ Calm ~ Beautiful

Neurologically Stimulated, Lovingly Socialized & Trained

The Lovable Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has immense popularity and continues to be the most popular breed of dog in the United States, according to AKC registration statistics. This is for good reason! Labradors are wonderful companions and most labs, our own included, have never met a person or animal they did not think was their best friend. Labrador Retrievers are always wanting to please and as a result they excel as guide dogs for the blind, as part of search-and-rescue teams or in narcotics detection with law enforcement. They are extremely intelligent and they learn very quickly.

The AKC recognizes three acceptable colors of the Labrador: yellow, black and chocolate. These are the only permissible colors for lab puppies. In order to be considered in the show ring they must weigh between 55 and 75 pounds. We all know some labs who dream about these ideal weights, because as a breed they generally tend to have weight issues.

Although there is just one recognized AKC standard of Labrador Retriever, the breed is distinguished by certain characteristics that determine whether the dog is considered an "American" or "English" type of dog. The AKC has no distinction between these types, and their characteristics are a general rule not hard set facts.  

American Labrador Retriever

American Labrador


         (Field Bred Lab)

English Labrador Retriever

English Labrador


          (Show/Bench Bred Lab)

American Labrador Retriever vs. English Labrador Retriever

Not all Labrador Retrievers in the United States are American...So then why do they call them American Labradors? Are English Labrador Retrievers found only in England? Do they bark with an accent?

It is a distinction based on the job these dogs are bred to perform. American Labs tend to be lighter weight and have longer legs. The dogs' muzzles are longer and their heads tend to be narrower than those of English Labrador. Their coats are not as thick as the English Labrador Retriever, and their tail is thinner. These characteristics enable the American Labrador to excel at field activities, and although some may be very calm; they are bred to perform well in agility and hunting. They are usually bred to be more energetic than the English type of Labrador Retriever.

Labrador Retrievers that have bloodlines from stock in England are known as English type Labs. These Labradors tend to be stockier, that is heavier and shorter, than the field type and have a thicker coat and tail. The physical difference between the two types of dogs is usually obvious in the head. The English Labrador Retriever tends to have a larger broader head and shorter muzzle. English Labrador Retrievers tend to be calm and mellow because they have not been bred to perform in the field. This is not to say that English Labs cannot make excellent hunting companions.

Please remember, these distinctions are general characteristics. While both of these types of Labradors are suitable for certain individuals as pets, we believe that the English type of Labradors usually make a better choice for a family pet for most people, because they possess a calm yet playful, gentle, loving spirit. We are breeding the Labrador Retriever with the goal of producing top-quality, highly intelligent, well-mannered pets! For this reason, as a breeder, we have decided to concentrate on selectively mating dogs whose pedigrees include top AKC English bloodlines.

Regardless as to whether you decide upon an American or an English Labrador as your new companion, you will be welcoming a new friend into your life for a long time. Please research carefully, and be sure that you are prepared for a great commitment. Although, the exuberance of a cute puppy can be adorable... it can also be catastrophic when that same puppy exhibits those behaviors and is now a robust 85 pounds. Many puppies who were bought with intentions of lifelong love are now languishing alone in shelters. At Kingridge Kennels we believe that prospective owners should be well informed about the puppies they are considering. To create a match made in heaven, we strive diligently to blend the personalities of families and puppies. The initial match between owner and prospective puppy at the start is key to the lifelong relationship with your new dog!

".... my friend, my companion, through good times and bad, my partner, my buddy, through happy and sad, beside me you stand, beside me you walk, you're there to listen, you're there to talk, with happiness, with smiles, with pain and tears, I know you'll be there, throughout the years! Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the Best of Friends.... "

This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His

Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

-1 John 4:10