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Kingridge Kennels

Peters Township, PA 15317

Kingridge Kennels English Labrador Retrievers

Intelligent ~ Calm ~ Beautiful

Neurologically Stimulated, Lovingly Socialized & Trained

What Makes A Kingridge Labrador?

All of our diligent work and love pay off in full when you adopt a Labrador Retriever puppy from Kingridge Kennels of Pittsburgh and they become a new member of your family.

We believe our methods for breeding, rearing, stimulating,

socializing, obedience training, and recording responses to stimuli for our puppies are absolutely unsurpassed! As a breeder of distinguished AKC English Labrador Retrievers we consider it both our privilege and responsibility to guide you in the process of selecting your unique puppy from one of our litters.

We provide the following services with each and every Labrador in the litter. The detailed records for each puppy are included in Kingridge Kennel's "Puppy Package."

Services Provided with Each Labrador Retriever

1. Puppy Package (at the time of adoption)

We provide the new puppy parents with detailed information about their new Labrador form birth, in an adorable "Kingridge Puppy Book" that includes photos, milestones, AKC papers, and journal entries. The results from BioSensor Therapy, the Seven Steps of Socialization, Obedience Personality Testing, and Puppy Obedience Training are all included so that you have a lovely organized keepsake of memories. We provide you with detailed training exercises to follow for the next month and lots of room for journaling the progress you are making with your new puppy. We also provide each new puppy owner with a copy of the book "Superpuppy" which provides a great deal of practical advise and tips for puppy training. Also

included at the time of adoption are our homemade organic dog treats, a stuffed animal scented like the pup's mother to minimize puppy separation anxiety, and a sample of the quality grain-free puppy food to which the pup is accustomed. Each litter is also documented through photographs and video clips in an included DVD slide show.

2. Health Guarantee on Puppies and Clearances on Parents 

Any litter that we breed will have both parents tested through the OFA for hip & elbow dysplasia, CERF & PRA eye clearances, heart clearances, and EIC testing. This is to ensure that puppies will make fantastic, healthy, sound pets for years to come. Remember that just because an animal is registered with the AKC does not mean it is fit to breed. Many Labrador Retrievers may have undesirable traits that impact the quality of their lives. It is very important for the continued wellness of the Labrador breed to only breed the healthiest AKC specimens in both body and mind. As a breeder of AKC Labradors we take this very seriously. Regardless of where you purchase you Labrador Retriever puppy, please... please... PLEASE take the time to check into the health clearances of the parent dogs. We provide a copy to all. We also provide a three year guarantee on our puppies against all genetic disorders.

3. Medical Records of Each Puppy's Health (first day - day of adoption)

We provide the new pet parents with details from birth about the specific Labrador they are receiving. Each puppy is assigned a color apparent on the ribbon they wear as a collar. We are diligent to chart their weight, physical health, the use of any medications, vaccinations, visits to the vet, and so forth. We choose not to remove the dew claws, because we believe they are useful to the dog. The AKC allows

Labradors to compete in the show ring with or without dew claws, so it is really

simply a personal preference. We do not inflict unnecessary pain on such a young and precious puppy. However, we do deworm and vaccinate each puppy. We also treat each pup with flea and tick medicine and administer their first dose of preventative Heart worm medication to protect them from parasites.     

4. BioSensor Therapy (day 3 - day 16)

Using the BioSensor program we condition the puppies to respond to various situations. Twice a day for these first few days of life the pups are exposed to tactile, positional, and thermal stimuli. Amazingly the acquired response to these stimuli provide positive physical and mental ramifications throughout each Lab's life. These first few weeks of stimulation and growth are absolutely critical for maximizing developmental milestones. 

5. Seven Steps of Socialization (4 weeks - day of adoption)

Our Labrador Retriever puppies are reared in an enriching environment where they are able to explore and experience many different situations using the Seven Steps of Socialization. Their curiosity leads to gained confidence as they explore their surroundings. As a breeder we introduce each dog to new situations in order to stretch their acceptance of change while developing their confidence. This early developmental experience remains with our Labs through adolescence and adulthood. We also make use of music therapy that helps to soothe and calm crying pups when they are separated from their mother 

6. Puppy Obedience Training (6 weeks - day of adoption)

During this critical month each Lab pup is introduced to principles of training. They work on crate training and going potty in the grass. They learn how to sit and stay and gain confidence walking on lead. We also concentrate extensively on name recognition (we will use the name you chose once your puppy is selected), promoting a soft mouth for retrieving, whistle recall, and work to extinguish undesirable behaviors such as jumping, and inappropriate play biting. This early nurturing, positive obedience training provides the new pet parents with a puppy who has a definite advantage. They are ready for more advanced training earlier, and because obedience training has been ingrained in their formative weeks of development it will be retained with greater ease.

7. Obedience Personality Testing (administered at 7 weeks)

This thorough test was developed by Stanley Coren and continues to been used as an accurate indication of puppy personality. Each Labrador puppy is tested by an administrator that is unfamiliar to the litter. In this way the test remains consistent, and it's results are valid. This test is just one of the tools used to provide the breeder with insight when placing the puppies into their new home. It alerts us to the sometimes subtle differences that exist between puppies in a litter.

8. Communication (Every Step of the Way)

Please know that we encourage you to ask as many questions as possible about the prospect of owning one of our Labrador Retrievers. We look forward to developing a relationship with our prospective pet parents that will last for years to come. We ask that each interested family fill out a Puppy Personality Inventory to assist us as the breeder, in placing you with a well suited puppy that will exceed your expectations. It is our goal and greatest desire to help you find a match made in heaven when considering a new member to add to your family. 

Just as every person and family unique so are each of the Labrador Retriever puppies born here in Pittsburgh at Kingridge Kennels. As a family ourselves, we understand how important the decision is in choosing the right companion to become a new member of your precious family. We will do everything we possibly can to help you make an educated and informed decision every step of the way.

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,

which God prepared in advance for us to do.

-Ephesians 2:10