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The Explorers are Two Weeks Old

Posted on June 21, 2014 at 12:32 AM
These two little brothers are growing so very quickly. Today they are two weeks old, and so much has changed since they first made their appearance into the world. Although they are still very wobbly, they are gaining strength in their legs, and are attempting to follow their Mama. In perfect Lab fashion, they love eating, and they would probably nurse 24 hours a day if Lily didn't jump out of the whelping pen to take some much needed "mommy breaks" every now and then... Trust me I understand Lily :-) 

Lily really is the best mom imaginable, and she has showered her puppies with love and attention. She has taken meticulous care of her litter and has been very patient with her boys. The pups are doing great with BioSensor therapy, and just today we experienced an exciting milestone that you can see in the picture below. Each of the puppies' eyes opened just a tiny bit, and although everything is still very blurry, soon they will be able to clearly see this great big wonderful world. They will be using those precious eyes to investigate so much in the upcoming weeks and for the rest of their long lives.

Puppy's eyes are just opening!

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