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Puppies Are 3 Weeks Old

Posted on June 30, 2014 at 4:37 PM

Our summer litter has turned 3 weeks old, and they are growing in so many ways. They have been busy exploring this week, using their new found sense of hearing and sight. Although they are still always in the whelping pen close to Lily, they are walking more steadily on all fours, exploring the smells and sights of the 4 corners of the pen. 

This upcoming week will be an exciting one, because the pups will soon be experiencing their first solid meal. That also marks the start of potty-training on our end, and we will be busy keeping the whelping pen spotless in order to teach the pups that their is an appropriate place to potty. 

There is sure a lot to learn when you are a new puppy! It always amazes me how dogs instinctively know how to teach their pups. Within the next few weeks, Lily will begin to allow her puppies more and more independence, until finally they are out and about exploring this great big world on their own. However, for now, at the tender age of three weeks, the pups are still completely dependent on their mom for everything, and as always she is doing a fabulous job caring for her sons. 

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