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Eden's Litter Is Three Weeks Old

Posted on October 27, 2013 at 7:09 PM
Wow! It is so hard to believe that we have been busy enjoying Eden's puppies for 3 weeks now. This past week all of the puppies opened their eyes, and they also are able to hear the sounds around them for the very first time. The puppies are still completely dependent on their mama for all of their physical needs, but that will all be shifting soon. This week we will begin teaching the puppies to eliminate in a specific area of the whelping pen, and soon they will be experiencing their first meal of softened puppy food.
They sure have come a long way in just three short weeks! They are starting to crawl around the pen, and soon they will be investigating this great big world. For now however, they are still in the comfort of their whelping pen, close to the security of their mom. It is so exciting to witness the blossoming of each of their personalities, and we are eager to watch the development of the subtle differences that exist from pup to pup.
We will be having our first visitation for all of the families who are expecting a puppy from this litter on Saturday, November 9th. The first visit to meet the litter is always much anticipated and really enjoyable for everyone. These puppies are so sweet, not to mention absolutely gorgeous, and I can't wait for their forever families to meet them. In the meantime, you can see other close up pictures of each of the puppies on the "Current Litter" page of our website.

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